Interesting facts about the Queen of Great Britain

Man Jose Kayima

On 6th February, 2022, Oueen Elizabeth II marked her 70th year on the throne.
There are however some interesting facts that many might know about the Queen.

She doesn’t have a passport because a British passport is issued in the name of Her Majesty and so it is unnecessary for the Queen to posses one.

The same applies to a driving permit, since it is also in the name of the Queen.

The Queen has two birthdays, she was born on 21st April, 1962 but her official birthday celebrations are held in June, this has been held since 1748.

She hosts more than 50,000 people at Buckingham Palace each year and drinks one glass of champagne every night before bed.

The has seen 14 different United Kingdom Prime Ministers come into power, from Sir Winston Churchill to Boris Johnson.

She also speaks fluent French and has delivered official speeches in French on her visits to France.

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