Maama Fiina rescues Bindeeba’s baby Mama


Sylvia Namutebi a.k.a Maama Fiina has responded to the cries of Sophia Alum following her revelations to the media that the father of her daughter does not provide child support.

The father of Alum’s baby is Raymond Bindeeba, the fiancee of TV star Precious Remmy.

She claims not to be in position to provide for her daughter as she no longer gets enough money and has to also buy medicine to treat pressure worthy 6000/= every day

Maama Fina has given her five million Ugandan shillings to set up a saloon so that she can be able to look after the daughter.

Remmie hosts a morning show on Galaxy FM as well as Live wire a gossip show on Spark TV.

Bindeeba was introduced by Previous Remmie on 19th-October-2021.

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