Sipapa tells haters to back off, “I am not M7’s son”

Man Jose Kayima

City Socialite Charles Olim alias Sipapa has responded to those who claim that he gets money from President Yoweri Museveni.

Sipapa took to his official Facebook page to fire a rant to people who refer to him as a bully.

“People claim that I get money from President Museveni, maybe I am his bustard son and that’s why he gives me money.”

People should know that I was once poor and was helped by some well wishers whom I even didn’t know.”

On the incident that involved scratching Ben Jatt’s car who tweeted requesting Afande Asan Kasingye and the Uganda Police to help him about the socialite’s behavior

“Everyone knows that whenever people see they gather, so I wanted to prevent people from causing jam and I ended up scratching his car.” I talked to him and I was willing to pay for the damage but instead he went on twitter maybe he wanted followers.”

He should know that the bumper of my car is worthy his Benz.”

The Socialite also stated that he moves with security to avoid losing car and money

“When you are rich, you need security. My car is worthy a billion and I move with a lot of money, so I need protection that was I have security.”

Many have come out to attack the Sipapa for his behaviors citing that he is untouchable, these include Journalists Andrew Kyamagero and Canary Mugume.

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