“Reveal yourself if you are alive” Tamale Mirundi dares Speaker Oulanyah


In the past two days there has been growing uncertainty surrounding the state of Speaker Oulanyah’s health.

For starters, Oulanyah was flown out of the country weeks ago to the United States of America for special treatmentt after it emerged that he was not doing well health wise.

This particular trip to the US raised eyebrows because of the sums of money that the government was spending on a single individual person his status and importance in the country notwithstanding.

On Monday 14th March this week, the country woke up to rumors of the passing of speaker Jacob Oulanyah. Various social media platforms discussed the issue the entire day.

The abrupt and indefinite adjournment of parliament followed by the deputy speaker. Among’s travel to the US did not help matters.

Now former Presidential press secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has said the speaker should come out and show face if he is alive.

In an interview run on YouTube channel Kasuku live, the media personality said,

“You see, if somebody says you are dead, show yourself then there will be no quarrel because in Uganda when you see a rumor it is usually confirmed later”

The rumor of the speakers death was latter trashed by the director communication and public affairs at the parliament Mr Chris Obore.

Well, at Ugolemwa we wish the Speaker Jacob Oulanyaha quick recovery and if possible heed to Tamale Mirundi’s advice.

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