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Gravity kicks fan for splashing alcohol on dancer Trisha Woodz

Man Jose Kayima

Singer Gravity Omutujju kicked out a clubber who splashed alcohol on his dancer Trisha Woodz.

The male fan splashed alcohol on both Gravity and the dancer as the pair were entertaining their fans.

As the crowd was in vibrant mood, the fan moved closer to the stage shook his beer bottle and splashed alcohol on the dancer’s booty.

Gravity also got a share of the alcohol that was splashed, this angered the rapper and he kicked the fan who ran away.

Following the incident the angry Gravity called upon the Dj to stop the music.

Last year, Ugandan singer Veronica Luggya alias Vinka was also filmed kicking someone in the crowd who tried to grope her as she was performing on stage in South Sudan.

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