REVEALED: Why Gaddafi sacked Peter Onen after only 5 months


In the first place, the circumstances under which he was appointed were a bit wiered.

Gaddafi had Mubarak Wamboya and promotion coach Hassan Zungu in place and they were doing okay.

They brought in place a man who was on the bench and relegated Wamboya to the role of first team coach and Zungu elevated to assistant coach.

Onen did relatively well after winning 6 and drawing 6 of the 17 matches in charge since his appointment at the beginning of November 2021.


For a newly promoted side, anyone would expect that if a coach manages to keep them in positions that guarantee safety and continuity , he would be passed for a success.

Not for Gaddafi, Onen was asked to step aside in the aftermath of the loss to SC Villa. Are Villa that bad that when a team loses to them it becomes sacrilege?

Villa may have gone 7 games without a win until then but they are the record league champions for goodness’ sake.

Our sources confirm that Onen was sacked because he couldn’t heed to the demands of his bosses who had preference for some players.

They wanted to interfere with his team selection and wanted to make calls for him which couldn’t allow.

For example, calamitous goal keeper Paul Mujampwani was always favored by the top brass yet Onen a more reliable Davis Mutebi.

Gaddafi will next host Police FC, another resurgent team that badly needs points.

For Onen, we don’t know where he goes from here but what we know for sure is, the man is back in Gulu to take care of his piggery farm.

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