“Avoid being cheap ” Kyagulanyi advises people of Buganda

Man Jose Kayima 

National Unity platform Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine says that people in the central region have put price tags on themselves and that’s why they are suffering more from the government.

Kyagulanyi revealed this while attending the burial ceremony of the late Kirizanto Kisirinya Buyondo the father to musician Mathias Walukagga.

“People from Buganda have put price tags on themselves and that’s why even when over 100 people were killed, Museveni came out and said we are to pay Shs20M to each family.” Museveni uses your greed and fear to use you people in Buganda Region.” Some traditional and religious leaders have already been compromised.”

He also sent a message to fellow musicians,

“To the musicians, you should know that you are teachers to the society.” Museveni entered the entertainment industry to make sure that no other Kyagulanyi like person comes out.” But these are the same things that the late Herman Basudde used to talked about through his music.”

We don’t want money from him what we want is good leadership in the country and that’s why I will keep on fighting.”

Said Kyagulanyi

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