VIDEO: Watch how Big eye has been bounced at the burial ceremony of Walukagga’s father

Man Jose Kayima 

Angry National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters chase musician Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye at the burial ceremony of the father of singer Mathias Walukagga.

Big Eye was welcomed by Walukagga in Kinyerere Masaka but the NUP supporters angrily chased him.

The burial ceremony was attended by NUP Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine however calmed them down and allow the indicator musician listen to the important message

“Don’t chase those you don’t agree with, let them come and listen to our message. They need it more than anybody else.”

Said Bobi Wine.

Walukagga’s father Kirizanto Kisirinya Buyondo died on Tuesday, 22nd March after a long-term illness.

Politicians such as Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Hon. Medard Lubega Segonna, Hon.Joyce Bagala, Hon. Geoffrey Lutaaya, Hon.Kayemba as well as musicians Mesarch Semakula, Dan Mugula among others were also in attendance.


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