Why Magogo chickened out of running for deputy speaker role


Yesterday, social media was awash with teaser posters of Eng. Moses Magogo giving a notice of vying for the post of deputy speaker of the parliament of Uganda.

Moments later, some of Magogo’s stooges came out lambasting those circulating the posters accusing them of being haters.

256 Olemwa sources however can confirm that the Budiope east member of parliament and FUFA president released the posters himself to test the waters and see what the public opinion would be.


Bitter it was and the cunning legislator asked his “boys” to make a clean up by tagging those spreading the posters as haters who want to damage the name of Magogo.

Remember, Magogo is husband to deputy speaker Anita Among who is also aspiring to replace the fallen Jacob Oulanyah as Speaker of Parliament.

Ensign eno!!!


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