Kakwenza donates passport in custody to Uganda Museum

Man Jose Kayima

On Wednesday, 23rd March the Chief Magistrates Court at Buganda Road issued an arrest warrant against award winning Ugandans author Kakwenza Rukirabashaija for skipping bail.

Buganda road chief magistrate Dr.Douglas Singiza issued the arrest warrant against Kakwenza so that he is brought to court by April, 11th 2022.

Kakwenza through his official Twitter account has called upon the court to send him his passport and transport money

“Since the magistrate has issued an arrest warrant against me, I hereby donate my Ugandan passport that’s in his custody to the Uganda National Museum. If he can’t put it in the dock, let him archive it.”

Kakwenza also revealed that he is currently in Holland exposing President Museveni’s terrorism and called upon foreign governments to stop financing terror in Uganda

“The chamcha magistrate, KagutaMuseveni and Muhoozi should be told that I’m in Holland, without a passport, exposing their terrorism. Foreign governments MUST stop financing terror in Uganda.”

The 33 year old said was tortured during his month long detention and left the country in February for Germany to acquire treatment.

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