If Oulanyah was indeed poisoned, the culprit will come out and repent like Kanyamunyu, Aruu North MP

Nakibuule Bonita

There has been unconfirmed claims by various people that the late speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah was poisoned.

These allegations where echoed by Oulanyah’s father Mr Nathan Okori to mourners at their ancestral home in Omoro district.

He told mourners that he knew that his son had not died of natural causes and that he had just been poisoned.

While addressing the press this week, the Member of parliament for Aruu North constituency Santa Okot said that in their tradition if a person’s life if taken by another, they perform some traditions and the culprit reveal themselves.

“Under our tradition if somebody is just killed, there is a way we bury the person so that will depend on the clan members.’

“I want to remind you, when Akena was killed by Kanyamunyu he denied that he did not kill Akena. Akena was then buried under the tradition and his spirit started haunting Kanyamunyu until he came and reported that it was indeed him that killed Akena.”

“We now want our cultural leaders to burry Oulanyah in our tradition so that if there was malice in his death, the culprit will come out and repent” she concluded.

This looks like just the beginning in a series of twists and turns in the send off of the late speaker Jacob Oulanyah, May his Soul Rest In Peace.

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