Oulanyah was not taking care of his children says mother in law Santa Okot

Nakibuule Bonita

The now deceased Jacob Oulanyah tied the knot with former wife LadyWinnie Okot Amoo in January 2013. This marriage lasted for only about two years as the couple would later divorce in 2015.

Now the mother to Winnie came out to address the press and had no kind words for the fallen speaker of parliament and son in law Jacob Oulanyah.

The Aruu North member of Parliament Santa Okot who also serves as the shadow minister for regional affairs said when addressing the press that his son in law was not taking care of his children as a father.

“In our tradition even if there is divorce, once you’ve had children in that family you remain a mother or a father”

“I want to inform you the press, I know when somebody has died people only speake about the good part they don’t want to speak the bad part, he did not assist those two children. They are in the USA with my daughter and we are the ones caring for the girls without any complaints”

Santa also revealed in what appeared to be a rant that her daughter did not ask for a share of anything after the divorce because she told her not to and that also some of her items like clothes remained at Oulanyah’s home.

“All the clothes of my daughter remained in the house because a day before my daughter let for the US she went to pick them but the gate man told her he had instructions not to allow her pick anything”

The Parliamentarian is the only MP belonging to the People’s Progressive Party headed by Jaberi Bidandi Ssali in the 11th parliament.

She is also a women’s activist and I guess this explains her strong and not very kind words about his late son in law considering the circumstances.

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