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I am Uganda’s best ghetto storyteller and the DNA for rappers in the Country. GNL Zamba

Man Jose Kayima

Rapper Ernest Nsimbi alias GNL Zamba says that he is the best ghetto storyteller in the country.

Zamba revealed this while appearing at the Tusker Malt Conver sessions.

“I think am Uganda’s best ghetto storyteller not because I have a huge fan base but because I have checked all the boxes. A storyteller is meant to take you to the dancefloor and inspire you by the things in your community.”

Zamba says that he moved to the USA so as to learn from the best

“I moved to USA and I really wanted to expand on my craft, I wanted to take time and learn from the best. Hollywood is the maker entertainment and I believe in Uganda, I have done everything and it wasn’t giving something new.”

The rapper also stated that is the DNA for some many rappers in Uganda

I believe I was brought here by the universe to save Luga-flow and remind people of who they are. I have drawn the blueprint for so many people and am still the DNA for some many rappers who are now providing for themselves.” 

Said Zamba

For starters, His stage name, GNL, is short for “Greatness of No Limits”. He is the founder and CEO of the independent hip hop record label Baboon Forest Entertainment and currently stays in the USA.

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