Oulanyah’s burial to cost Shs 2B but still not ‘expensive’ enough

Man Jose Kayima

The funeral of late Speaker of Parliament Emeritus Rt Hon.Jacob Oulanyah’s funeral is expected cost Shs2B basing on his status in the country.

However, Oulanyah’s funeral will only be among the most expensive funerals in the country but it won’t make the list for the world’s most expensive funerals.

According to researchers around the global Alexander the Great’s funeral is revealed as the most expensive funeral in history. It cost over $600 million. The ancient Macedon King passed on in 323 BC and was buried in a gold casket and transported in a gold carriage pulled by 60 horses.

Ronald Reagan’s funeral is second and it cost $400 million. He was the President of US from 1980-1988. He died in 2004 and was given expensive funeral in the history of the country.

Kim Jong II the supreme leader of North Korea from 1994-2011, his funeral cost $40 million Government spent massive amounts changing the signs in the Towers of Eternal Life. Million dollars were also spent to bring in Russian embalmers and buy a special glass casket.

John F. Kennedy’s funeral cost $15 million. The USA President was killed by an assassin in 1963 and his burial plot in Arlington National Cemetery.

Queen Mother Passed away in 2002, she was given ceremonial funeral in Westminster Abbey which cost $12.5 million.

Princess Diana- $11.8 million, Sir Winston Churchill – $4.2 million, Margaret Thatcher- $1.8 million and Michael Jackson- $1 million are the other most expensive funerals.

However, it is stated that Pope John Paul II funeral that took place in 2005 is the most expensive funeral in the world though the total amount wasn’t revealed by Rome.

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