Shs 77.9 Million goes ‘missing’ from Speaker Oulanyah’s burial budget before he is laid to rest

Nakibuule Bonita

When government put out a draft budget for the burial of the fallen speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah, one item that raised eyebrows was item number 27 reading 312.9 million allocated to the Acholi Parliamentary group (APG)

For starters, the purpose of this 312.9 million was not explained or broken down and it left the public guessing on what it’s purpose could be.

One notable guess was if government had chosen to give allowances to the Acholi region legislators for their efforts in the burial arrangements of their beloved son!!

Now the Acholi Parliamentary group chairperson Anthony Akol has come out to clarify via Daily Monitor on the said amount of 312.9 million allocated to them in the budget.

Oulanyah burial budget

Akol said the amount is actually 235m and not 312.9m like it was indicated in the budget. He also said that it’s not them as leaders of the Acholi Parliamentary group that are managing the funds but rather the local and National organizing committee.

“Information I got was that the money was about Shs235m and not Shs312.9 as reported, we don’t know where the additional money came from” said the chairperson Akol.

“We are mourning our brother, we are not interested in making money from the government”

It’s now not clear whether the additional Shs77.9m from the Shs235m that we now know as the correct amount was a typing error or it just went ‘missing’ before even the fallen Oulanyah is laid to rest.

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