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I am known worldwide and my music is allover. Big Eye

Man Jose Kayima

Musician Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye has revealed that his music is allover and is known worldwide.

Big Eye made the revelation during an interview with Ibrah K Mukasa.

“My music is allover the world, I am known in every country. I have fans in every part of the world. My strength is in me as Big Eye, so I am a celebrated everywhere.”

Big Eye also hinted on the incident that happened at the burial ceremony of Kirizanto Kisirinya Buyondo the father to Mathias Walukagga

“I had gone to mourn with my brother Walukagga but what happened was really bad. I reunited with Walukagga because of music and so I had to go for the burial of his daddy.

“People now see such incidents as a joke but one time, someone will lose his or her life. For example, I was pinched by a muscular guy and I imagined what if this guy had used something else, I could be dead basing on the power he used.”

“I blame the leaders of these people for not sensitizing them that such things shouldn’t be done at burial ceremonies.”

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