King Michael resigns from UMA executive committee

Man Jose Kayima

Micheal Mugwanya aka King Michael the dancehall music representative in the Uganda Musician Association (UMA) has tendered in his resignation letter to the UMA executive board from the said post.

Mugwanya the Muko Muko hit maker said the reason for his resignation are largely personal but also stressed that their term of office which should run for 2 years expired during the Covid 19 lockdown.

I hereby wish to submit this letter resigning from my position of a dancehall representative due to personal issues.

My last day of work will be 31st of May 2022, so please accept this letter as my official resignation under your kind consideration. I regret any inconvenience that my resignation may cause to the cabinet at large, read part of the letter.

Mugwanya the Dancehall crew president also revealed while talking to Ibra K Mukasa on his YouTube channel that he is going to concentrate on putting out new music to his fans and that he is finalizing on a new 15 track music album.

He also plans to create his own Dancehall association which he says will affiliate to UMA.

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