Maama Fina opens up new office at Akamwesi mall


Sophia Namutebi aka Maama Fina is the chairperson of the Uganda traditional healers association. She is also an established businesswoman who deals in a number of business ventures.

She is known for her generosity to the needy and poor and has been seen on a number of occasions giving out cash and tangible items like cars, bikes and even plots of land among others.

For all the years, she has been active in the traditional healing business her meeting point has always been at Bulenga but now things look to have changed.

Earlier this week, she opened a new spacious office at the Akamwesi mall situated on Gayaza road and now says she will be able to address her clients from this office from Monday to Friday.

The purpose of opening up this office Maama Fina says is to help stop frauds that masquerade and cheat people in her name especially on social media.

“The purpose of opening up this office is to help people that have been cheated for a long time by masqueraders in my name. People requested me to open up this office because it was difficult for them to come to Bulenga but now this place on Gayaza road is easily accessible.”

“People are welcome for counseling, advice, consultation, and healing of all kinds of sickness”

“Those that need assistance please don’t come here at Akamwesi, go to Bulenga that’s where your needs will be attended to” she continued.

The new office is found on level two and will be open from 7:30 am but Maama Fina will be available to attend to her clients from 9am – 4pm.

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