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Saha is a drug addict and lacks leadership qualities. Bebe Cool

Man Jose Kayima

Bebe Cool has attacked King Saha that he cannot be a good leader because is a drug addict.

Last week, Saha confirmed that he will stand for the Uganda Musician’s Association Presidency but his bid has been slamed by Bebe

“Saha cannot be a good leader, someone who goes on National TV and reveals how he takes drugs. Personally, I don’t see him making a good leader.”

Big Size added that among those who have picked forms, he would vote for Cindy despite failing to unity the music industry

“I will vote for Cindy despite failing to unity industry during her time as President. I think she is better than all those who have expressed interest in the UMA leadership.”

Said Bebe Cool

Earlier this week, Mpaka records CEO and former UMA President Ykee Benda confirmed that he will support King Saha’s Presidential bid.

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