Maurice Kirya joins race for UMA presidency


Singer Maurice Kirya has thrown himself into the race to become the president of Uganda Musicians association.

The race which already has King Saha and Cinderella Sanyu is anticipated to be very rife with government having immense interest in it.

Kirya believes according to the experience he has in the industry he will give the best in his ability.

“I’ve always been so passionate about Uganda arts, artists and the Ugandan music industry.”

“I’ve observed and experienced all the ups and the downs the industry has faced and I’m truly amazed by the number of musicians who’ve contacted me and asked me to lead them as the next president of UMA, an important task that I know and believe that I’d carry out to the best of my ability.”

“That being said, I’m able and willing to receive the honor to join my brothers and sisters in the race for the next Ugandan Musicians Association President, to unite and develop and better the music industry.” Kirya stated on his official Facebook account.

He will contest alongside incumbent Sanyu Cinderella aka Cindy and Mansoor Ssemanda aka King Saha.

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