VIDEO: Watch Tamale Mirundi cursing Uganda government officials who go abroad for treatment

Man Jose Kayima 

Tamale Mirundi says Jacob Oulanyah’s death in the USA should be a warning to all Ugandan leaders to improve their own heath facilities.

Mirundi went ahead and supported killing of Ugandan leaders who go abroad seeking treatment

“What did Oulanyah do to improve healthy facilities in Uganda, Parliament guaranteed the construction of Lubowa hospital, how much do we pay for it and where was Oulanyah. His death should be a warning to others and I support that whenever a leader goes for foreign treatment he must be killed there, so that they improve here.”

Now Oulanyah got a USA passport which gave him a visa to go to heaven.” Said a bitter Tamale on one of the YouTube channels

Oulanyah was buried on Friday at his ancestral home in Omoro District.

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