‘Men should be paying their wives a monthly salary’ ,Hellen Lukoma

Nakibuule Bonita

Former obsession dancer, singer and Actress Hellen Lukoma is definitely having what one would call a good time in her new marriage.

The hostel actress was recently gifted a monster brand new ride a Range Rover with a personalized plate number by hubby Kaka Anwar.

The couple that tied the knot in January 2019 have recently been in the news for good reasons. From expensive gifts that Hellen receives from his husband to her releasing new music.

The former HB toxic member recently released a song titled Njakufumba most likely assuring anyone out there that nothing will shake her marriage come what may. Who can blame her anyway?!

On top of the personalized Range Rover, Hellen while appearing on Ibra K Mukasa’s YouTube channel Extra digest Mugobansonga, she revealed that Mr Kaka leaves her with Three separate ‘kameza’ fees!! One for the home, another for the children and lastly another one for her personal needs.

It’s at this point that she said that husbands should pay their wives and even advocated for a bill to be passed on the same so that it’s a law.

“Men should be paying their wives, you should pay us a salary for with standing all the problems we go through. Some men have many women, others are very poor, so pay me so that I can stay in the marriage as I also produce you children”

“If you earn 200k, give me at least 150k. If a man doesn’t have money then he should not get into marriage to make the woman’s life hard” she concluded.

Uhmmm, Mr Kaka Anwar, please slow down, I think you are starting to cause other men problems. One Kameza fee should be enough, let’s not be wasteful sir!!

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