MPs fear using Parliament canteen due to poison scares

Man Jose Kayima

Several Members of Parliament have revealed that they fear using Parliament canteen due to poison scares.

The development comes days after the father of former Speaker Jacob Oulanyah stated that his son was poisoned. This brought fears among the legislators in Parliament

Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda brought the matter on floor of Parliament on Tuesday

“We need to be advised as Police investigates, should we avoid eating in Parliament canteen, what should we avoid since the matter is under investigations. Precautions should be taken by the administration of Parliament now that the matter has been raised by even senior leaders in this country.”

Stated Ssemujju

Dennis Nyangweso the Samia Bugwe Central MP also confirmed that there’s fear around Parliament

“When we go for food, some don’t pick plates on top, the fish those underground. I think there’s some fear around Parliament especially when it comes to refreshments.”

However the Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among assured the Legislators that they are safe at Parliament and cautioned them of their eating practices outside

“For us in Parliament we are safe, there’s no poison and the father of the late did not say that he was poisoned in Parliament.” Let’s wait for the report from the investigation officers.”

Said Among

It is also believed that some Members of Parliament come with packed food and drinks at Parliament.


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