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J Kazoora finally narrates what happened after he ‘snatched’ Sean Kingston’s watch

Nakibuule Bonita

About 10 years ago, in 2011 to be exact, Kampala revelers flocked Lugogo’s cricket oval for Sean Kingston concert.

The Jamaican artist who at the time had hit songs such as face drop, beautiful girls, fire burning, Dirty love, take you there and why you wanna go put up a fairly good show that revelers enjoyed.

One of the highlight of the night though was not Kingston’s performance but rather the stunt, trick, by the Mc of the night J Kazoora. Kazoora always did what he termed the ‘Ugandan tradition’ of exchanging one item with the international artist of the day.

It should be remembered that Kazoora actually started the habit back in the day when he was presenting Jam Agenda a popular music show on the now defunct WBS tv. Whenever he would host an international artist, he would trick them into exchanging their definitely expensive items with his cheap ones.

One artist that fell prey to Kazoora’s ‘predatory’ instincts was Shaggy who exchanged his belt with Kazoora’s live on WBS Tv. He had also successfully pulled it off at the R Kelly show when they exchanged watches.

Now in typical Kazoora style, he convinced Sean Kingston to exchange his watch with his which the Jamaican did on stage. We later learnt that Kazoora returned the watch under unknown circumstances.

The Radio and Tv personality recently while at an outing with friends narrated on YouTube channel Vybe life Ug what exactly transpired after the exchange.

“When Kingston gave me the watch i knew he would ask for it back stage so I did not go there. After the show, I just rushed to Ntinda at Buddies to drink beer.”

“As I was emptying beer bottles I receive a call from then IGP Kayihura who asked me where the boy’s watch was. I told him I was at Ntinda and within minutes, police patrol cars came and picked the watch and returned it to Kingston.”

Kazoora also revealed that the Artist and his mother had vowed not leave Lugogo cricket oval without the watch!!

This must have caused the death of the ‘Kazoora Ugandan tradition’ never to be performed again!!!

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