Being gay woman and married to a pastor in Uganda an abomination. Julie Mutesasira

Man Jose Kayima

Canada based Ugandan Singer Julie Birungi popularly known as Julie Mutesasira divorced her ex-husband Pastor Steven Mutesasira in 2017.

The couple had three children Esther, Elizabeth and Ezekiel but in 2020, photos of Julie wedding a fellow woman were allover social media.

The gospel singer yesterday revealed she is gay and gave the reason why she broke up with her husband and changed location. This was in a clip where her children Esther and Ezekiel were auditioning for Canada’s Got Talent

“I decided to leave Uganda because I came out, because of my security. Being a gay woman in Uganda and married to a pastor, that’s an abomination,” Julie made the revelation infront of her two kids

Esther and Ezekiel however thanked their mother for taking care of them and supporting their music career.

They spent five years without seeing her before they also relocated to Canada a year ago.

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