Masaka people are ignorant and don’t like good things. Lwasa

Man Jose Kayima

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa says people from his home district Masaka are ignorant and don’t like good things.

While appearing at NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya on Friday, Lwasa stated that the ignorance has however helped people from Masaka develop themselves

“People from Masaka are ignorant (balina amaalo mangi nnyo). The ignorance has however helped us develop ourselves.”

“They don’t like good things and that’s why they don’t event come to Tarven Kick which is the best outing place in the area.”

“I invested a lot of money in that place but I get few customers because our people aren’t used to such places with good ambience.”

He also revealed that he was part of the NRA army and fought to bring the current government in power

“A lot of people do not know that I was in the army. I joined when I was 14 years and lost a brother in the war. After fighting, the President took us back to school.”

On how he got rich

“I remember I stole army nails and sold them off but for sure I don’t understand how I got rich. After leaving the army, I got into car repairs. I had ideas while in the army and I was waiting for the time u would be allowed to retire to implement them. I even thought of deserting once.”

Said Lwasa during NTV Mwasuze Mutya program

Lwasa who now has 20 kids stated that he wants to hit his target number of 30 in two years.

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