Australian citizens to get Nabbanja ka money


Central Bank of Australia Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has announced that in a bid to ease the cost of living pressure off millions of his citizens, a remittance of 250 USD will be deposited on their accounts.

Over six million Australians will receive a one off payment on Wednesday as a part of the federal government plan to help them ease on the high cost of living due to skyrocketing prices of fuel and other essentials.

The first payment will be made to Pensioners, Caterers, Veterans, Job seekers , concession card holders and self funded retirees.

Josh Frydenberg . PHOTO/COURTESY

These will not need to apply as cash will be deposited automatically onto their accounts in Nabajja style … Tiiti tiiti

The Aussie government will not be the first one to effect this move as Uganda through prime minister Robinah Nabbanja performed the trick during the tough COVID times.

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