Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago should not dare come to my home, Hon Kato Lubwama

Man Jose Kayima

Controversial former Lubaga South legislator Hon Kato Lubwama was recently out of the country in Turkey for treatment.

As earlier reported by this website, Kato successfully went through an operation and also spent some days in the intensive care unit a situation that left many of his fans worried.

The Kilabe ebiiso singer got out of the ICU and he is back to his feet. He recently returned to the country and right away kicked of from where he had stoped with his endless controversy.

While in Turkey Hon Kato was against any kind of fundraising for his medical bills something that had been done when he previously had a heart complication.

On return back home, he said he didn’t want any public fundraising for his bills this time round because the last time it was done the public abused him a lot for the help they gave him.

Not only did he stop any fundraising for his medical bills, Kato has also said he doesn’t want any visitors to his home. While appearing on an interview on Kasuku live YouTube channel he said the Lord Mayor should not dare pay him a visit.

“I don’t want people visiting me with bunches of Matooke. I received a call from Erias Lukwago that he wants to visit me, I told him not to. I don’t want anyone to come, please don’t”

Asked if the Lord Mayor was not his friend, he said he is not like he thought.

“Only my real friends can visit me, Erias is not my friend I thought he was but I realized he wasn’t.”

“I have very few friends and if you want to know your real friends just get sick and secondly if you are a politician, go in an election and fail, you will understand how people have never liked you”

If anyone out there thought the recent operation would slow down Hon Kato’s controversies, we are glad to inform you that you are wrong, the man is back with a bang!

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