Remorseful, depressed and currently broke Mc Kapale kneels down and apologizes to all he wronged


Comedian Kawuuki Simon aka Mc Kapale is going through very hard times. Kapale who was once selling like hot cake both locally and abroad and headlining shows like Akandolindoli is currently not getting even the smallest of gigs.

Mc Kapale’s problems stem from his love for money and his lack of anger management. When he was at the top of his game, Kapale literally fought with all promoters and event organizers who as a result all stoped booking him for shows.

Among the many people that Mc Kapale is not seeing eye to eye is comedy store Uganda CEO Alex Muhangi who organizes arguably the biggest comedy show in the region. Kapale not being in Muhangi’s good books left him sidelined in his only known source of income.

The now heartbroken Kapale came out and apologized to all people in the industry that he wronged. The likes of Muhangi, Bajo events, Abitex, Maama Fina and his fans at large.

Kapale also took time to apologize to his nemesis and former workmate Mc Mariachi for whatever wrong he did to him.

“What I can tell all my friends especially the promoters is that I am no longer money minded like I was before, I am now more understanding and willing to listen if told the show has not worked out like expected, I am willing to adjust”

“To all my fans and everyone I angered, please forgive me, if it takes you 6 months to forgive, I am not forcing you, take your time but just know it that Kapale was on Extra Digest Mugobansonga and apologized to you”

“I don’t have any other job I know, comedy is my only source of income, I don’t usually kneel but kneeling is part of our culture and I hope everyone forgives me”

On the same interview run on YouTube channel extra digest Mugobansonga, Kapale also revealed that he had also taken a bank loan that he is yet to clear that if nothing changes, his house is likely to be taken as collateral for the loan.

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