4th floor member Sheila Nvanungi finally Introduces personal ‘bouncer’ as bonkmate

Nakibuule Bonita

One of Kampala’s longest serving spinster princess Sheila Nvanunji recently introduced her hubby to her parents in a secretive function.

The Tv and radio personality who has has previously worked at CBS fm, Bukedde Tv and Bukedde fm had for a longtime left us guessing who the lucky man was.

In the past their has been allegations that she had an entanglement with former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya.

The allegations were too persistent to the extent that the public believed that her Doctor song was directed to Mr Mahogany himself.

The Ekiwangula omutima singer and actress was the dream of many men who flocked theaters around the country just to have a glimpse of her.

Now information we have is that the daughter to Omulangira George Wiliam Juuko Walugembe Kassabanda has been taken off the hook.

The lucky guy is the very person that has been acting as Nvanungii’s personal assistant and they have always acted like brother and sister.

She says many men tried to win her heart but they all failed until this mr right showed up.

“You are the first person I have called my husband, I have never called anyone else my husband, they have always tried but I call them men that tried. I want rake this opportunity to let everyone know that this is the man I have chosen” Said Nvanungi in a Video run on BukeddeTv.


We wish princess Nvanungi a happy marriage and we hope it’s not too late for a baby or two.

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