AIGP Asan Kasingye clarifies on his alleged dismissal from the police force

There has been allegations that the Uganda Police Chief Political Commissar AIGP Asan Kasingye quit from the police force.

It’s now understood that Kasingye did not quit or resign from the force but rather his contract expired and was not renewed this time round.

He made the clarification on his official Twitter page

“Contrary to online reports that I “quit”, “resigned, the fact is, my contract expired & had to handover. It may be renewed or not. I am proud to bow out head high. Problem is, I woke up this morning, put on my uniform. At the dining table, my wife reminded me that it was over” wrote Kasingye

In an exchange with some media personalities on Twitter, Asan Kasingye have more details of how long the contracts run and at what age one’s contract could likely not be renewed.

Let me help. You said all AIGPs contracts expired.
1. There are active 16 AIGPs
2. Appointed on different dates including CID that is just 2 months
3. An AIGP officially retires on appointment if he/clocks 45yrs(mine 2009)
4. There after, the contract can be extended for 2yrs. concluded Kasingye.

He has since handed over his office and it remains to be seen if the contract will be renewed. For now the Twitter happy officer can continue entertain us with his tweets

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