My body is mine, your are not allowed to touch it- a furious Sheebah says towards sexual predators


Musician Sheebah Karungi has come out to send a strong message to all sexual predators especially men.

The self styled queen karma through her Twitter page said that it doesn’t matter how she dresses on stage or in her videos. What’s depicted in there is her body and she can do whatever she wants with it.

Therefore nobody is permitted to touch it but they can only watch.

“TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I dont care what you think about when you see me on stage or in any of my videos dressed the way i dress up , You better RESPECT MY BODY. Its MINE, I get to do whatever i want to do with It. You DON’T. You can watch but you CERTAINLY CAN’T TOUCH,” she tweeted.

The bitter rant from the singer follows an incident she recalls of how she was sexually assaulted by a client who had booked her for a show.

According to the former TNS singer, this seemingly nice man on TV and who pretends to be a good role model came to her car as she was taking a nap waiting to go to stage.

The “old pervert” together with his security opened the car door of Sheebah and tried to act inappropriate in front of Sheebah’s team.

A displeased Sheebah thought a lot of things such as snubbing the show or handing back the money. However, the love she has for her job made her to stick around.

The self spoken feminist added how she hates all men that see women in a sexual object angle.

Sheebah said that what bothers her is that these men have daughters and claim to love them. However when it comes to treating other people’s daughters, they act like animals.

She warned them that karma will eventually come around to handle and punish them too for their dirty deeds.


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