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Sheebah is lying about being sexaully harassed- Blogger Isma Olaxees


Blogger Isma Olaxees aka Jjaja Iculi has come out to accuse songstress Sheebah Karungi of being a liar in regards to her sexual harassment remarks.

Isma said that Sheebah’s story is just hearsay as she has no proof of anything. Besides the vulgar language she was using in delivering her message made it worthless.

According to Isma, Sheebah should have named the culprit since she’s a feminist but she remained tight lipped about his identity.

Isma further said that Sheebah could have brought this as stunt to overshadow Spice Diana’s appearance on the New York Times Square Billboard.

“Sheebah has no recordings and nothing as proof. This is just hearsay and I can’t buy it. What was her team she said was around doing as she was being sexaully harassed? This is a dotcom era and most things are recorded.

This could be just a stunt that she did after her competitor Spice Diana appearing on the New York Times Square Billboard. She wouldn’t feel good seeing her junior in music achieving such a milestone as her posters are in rural areas. Spice Diana did the same by attacking local words when Azawi appeared on this iconic Billboard. Most artists do such kind of things. Besides her message lost meaning the instant she started using vulgar words and cursing. Why didn’t she reveal this man’s identity and just kept it a secret?

This was not the first time for her performing at houseparties and she clearly knows what goes on down there. People are always intoxicated on cocaine and strong alcohols. She just failed to agree on the terms and conditions with this person,” Isma said.

Furthermore, Isma blamed these singers for the way fans treat them including the sexual harassment. He said that he has recordings of these singers being the first ones to provoke fans sexually.

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