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King Saha makes shocking allegations against Bebe Cool


Former Leone Island singer and UMA presidential candidate Mansour Ssemanda aka King Saha has come out to make shocking allegations against Gagamel president Big Size Bebe Cool.

Saha said that Bebe Cool is one of the people with the most evil hearts he’s ever come across. According to Saha, Bebe Cool doesn’t wish anyone good apart from himself.

Saha went ahead to wonder why Bebe Cool hates him so much yet he’s been on the scene for many years. According to Saha he doesn’t want Bebe Cool to trouble any further upcoming generations and he’s therefore going to unleash all his dirty and filthy side.

According to Saha, Bebe Cool is a lazy person who has been handed all freely that he posseses. This is from his house, cars and fuel to even his wife, Zuena Kirema.

The Bambi singer said that Bebe Cool’s introduction items to Zuena’s home were bought by Bobi Wine but its such a shock on how Bebe Cool affectionately hates Bobi Wine.

“I really don’t know what’s wrong with that man. He really has a bad heart and doesn’t wish anyone anything good. I want to expose him because I know a lot of things about him. I’m going to do this so that he doesn’t bother the other upcoming generations since he will be around for so long unlike us who will die early since we have a lot of stress and work hard. For him everything is given to him free of charge, cars and fuel, bursaries for his children. Even the woman he has was married for him. He was given a goat, sugar and other things for the introduction by my friend but right now he hates him so much. He has been around for over 20 years and he’s still greedy, I just want to know what is his that I took. He will even die a nuisance because he love has no love for God, family, culture or humanity. No firm ground he’s standing on,” Saha said while appearing in a local YouTube interview.

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