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King Saha says Bebe Cool is infected with Sahayosis


Singer King Saha has once again come out to attack fellow musician and nemesis Big Size Bebe Cool. According to Saha Bebe Cool is suffering from a disease called Sahayosis.

Yesterday the former Leone Island singer said Bebe Cool has a wicked heart and doesn’t wish others well. Besides all he has has been gifted to him including his wife Zuena who Bobi Wine paid for the Gagamel singer to marry.

Saha while launching his manifesto said that Bebe Cool is suffering from a disease caused by him (Saha). This is because Bebe is so obsessed with Saha.

Saha trashed Bebe Cool’s allegations that he got Bobi Wine’s endorsement because they both smoke weed . According to Saha he got endorsements from other artists who don’t smoke.

He also expressed fear about elections being stolen but said that he’s confident he will win.

“That old man has avery big disease that he’s been suffering from for quite long and that’s Sahayosis and unfortunately when he went to the hospital to get treated, its coccidiosis that was treated. He should come to me since I’m the one with the medicine.

If he says that Bobi Wine signed for me because weed binds us, then why did all the other big musicians such as Eddy Kenzo, Dr Jose Chameleone, Sheebah, Moses Matovu, Joanita Kawalya, Spice Diana among others,” Saha said while launching his manifesto.

“There has been dubious exercises going on to smuggle in voters into the registration but we know everything that is going on. I call upon my fellow singers to check the registrar and make sure they are in. In case they try to cheat our victory, they will see what will happen. The other camp has been signing for money to fight us but we know all their plots. They say that if I’m voted government won’t supports us, they are lying, it will because we are Ugandans,” Saha added as he appeared on Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show.

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