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Who raped Sheebah? Singer finally reveals her tormentor


The self styled queen karma Sheebah Karungi has finally confided in Police on who attempted to chew her sumbie. According to a Police statement, the singer lodged in an official complaint that was put under the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID).

Investigations by Police detectives have already been launched into the matter. And further the Police said that Sheebah told them everything that happened on the said day.

She even mentioned the culprit and contrary to popular rumor, its not journalist Andrew Mwenda.

“The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has instituted inquiries into the alleged incident of indecent assault against, Sheeba Karungi, a popular music artist, after she formally made her complaint at CID headquarters today 17.05.2022.

During the interaction with the CID officers, Sheeba revealed the details and the individual who was involved and the related circumstances.
In her complaint she clearly mentions the suspect and refutes the ongoing speculation in sections of the media that it was Andrew Mwenda.

In view of the above, a team of Detectives has commenced investigations on the matter to ensure justice for the victim.
We do thank Sheeba for taking the courage to report the matter and assure the public that as Uganda Police we take matters of Gender Based Violence seriously.

CP Fred Enanga
Police Spokesman.”

The singer earlier on revealed how she had been sexaully assaulted by a top government official she refused to name. This particular person found her relaxing in her car as she waited to perform and attempted to rape her assisted by his soldiers.

Sheebah however hadn’t filed the case with the the relevant authorities which brewed about speculation on who the culprit could have been.

Mwenda and the former VP Gilbert Bukenya found themselves in the middle of the scandal although the Independent magazine CEO came out to order Sheebah to clear the air.

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