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Bobi Wine was supposed to endorse me instead of King Saha- Cindy


Dancehall singer Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy Baibe has come out to claim how self styled ghetto gladiator Bobi Wine was supposed to endorse her instead of King Saha.

Its no doubt that majority musicians and even politicians who are looking to climb to higher offices feel the urge to use Bobi Wine to get there.

The Firebase CEO after joining politics became one one of the biggest influencers in the country. As as the pending UMA elections draw closer, Saha looks the most favorite to clinch the seat.

However, Cindy feels she could have gotten Bobi Wine’s endorsement had she gone their first. But Saha ran so quickly to Bobi Wine and secured the endorsement from the NUP principal.

She however said that she has no bad blood between her and the former presidential candidate because they have previously worked together musically.

She also revealed of how she’s a bit nervous at the thought of facing off with King Saha in the upcoming UMA presidential debate. Further Cindy says that it would have been better to face off with someone she clearly knows better than Saha.

“Automatically the reason Saha got endorsed by Bobi Wine is because he went there earlier and landed on him unexpectedly. I believe he would have endorsed me if I had gone there earlier. There is no problem between me and him. We have previously worked together and there is no tension between us,” the singer said as she appeared on Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show.

To be honest, I’m a little bit scared and nervous about facing off with King Saha. This is because we have never interacted on a personal basis apart from the times we would hi each other backstage when we would bump into each other. I therefore don’t know his mental capabilities, how he handles himself but I’m about to find out especially in this debate that we shall soon be having,” she further added.

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