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Cindy disses Sheebah, brands her half dummy


The self styled King herself Cindy Sanyu is far from quashing her beef with the self styled queen karma, Sheebah Karungi. This is after Cindy referred to Sheebah as a half dummy now from a full one.

The UMA presidential candidate was appearing on Galaxy FM when she was questioned about Sheebah’s success in the music industry.

Cindy was asked whether its hard luck or talent for Sheebah. The Ayokyayokya singer said that luck only comes when you work hard and Sheebah does work hard.
People have only known her under TNS and Jeff Kiwa but she was a hustler even before that.

It was when she was asked who is better between her and the Nakyuka singer in terms of talent and hardwork that she let the cat out of the bag.

Cindy said that in her ranking, Sheebah gets half half on the two attributes and when it comes to talent, she can’t be compared to her (Cindy). The former Blu 3 singer believes she’s in a league of her own.

Cindy added that Sheebah had now graduated from a full dummy to a half dummy after leaving Jeff Kiwa. She’s now partly independent and doesn’t get breastfed like before.

“None of us is just lucky. We have both worked hard to be where we are. People only remember the time when she met Jeff but before Jeff, she was hustling,” Cindy said.

“About talent and hard work, Sheebah gets half & half. I can’t say she has no talent because what she does is music but she doesn’t have talent levels as mine. She is now a not a dummy. She knows the hustle now and not a full dummy,” she further added.

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