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I once had s3x in a car by the roadside- Spice Diana (video)


Spice Diana made one of the weirdest confessions while appearing in an interview with radio presenters Doreen Nasasira and Bina Baibe.

Doreen questioned Spice Diana the strangest place she’s ever made love from. And boom the Onsanula singer revealed how she was melted from a car.

She added that it was actually sweet after being questioned by Bina Baibe if it was sweet.

For Bina, she revealed that the strangest place was out in the open at UMA show grounds. She got pinned and smashed from the wall. It was only getting the big O that she realized they were in the open as people were passing by.

For Doreen she said that it was inside a pit latrine but luckily she didn’t fall inside.

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