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Ykee Benda was too friendly and soft for the UMA presidency- Bebe Cool


Gagamel boss Big Size Bebe Cool has come out to claim how Mpaka Records boss Ykee Benda was too soft for the UMA presidency.

He made the comments at the Stress Clinic at Levels Lounge where Ykee Benda had a performance.

The Wire wire singer added that Ykee Benda is a down to earth, simple and friendly person. Yet the challenges of UMA are deep and divisive. They therefore needed a very tough person who isn’t afraid of rubbing some faces into tears.

Bebe Cool however said that he was proud of the singer having decided to take on the mantle to try and lead the Association.

“When Ykee Benda became the UMA president, I felt like the ground should swallow me. Do you know why? He is one of the simple, friendly, and down to earth musician and on that move, he decided to taste the deep waters of challenges that I had never seen.

He left the office because he didn’t want to make enemies with fellow artists because the industry is not that easy as some think. I credited you for the spirit of wanting to lead the industry to best and I want God to bless you for that,” Bebe Cool said.

Ykee Benda was elected the UMA president in 2019 but stepped down halfway his term and Cindy assumed leadership since she was his vice president.

Ykee Benda revealed that the reason he quit UMA’s leadership was because of the self driven individualistic interests and hypocrisy amongst singers.

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