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Naira Ali praises Cindy, Grace Nakimera and Jackie Chandiru for breaking the ground for Uganda female artists


US based Ugandan singer Naira Ali has come out to heap praise on three Uganda female singers. And these are Grace Nakimera, Cindy Sanyu and Jackie Chandiru.

According to Naira Ali, it was these artists that paved way for other female artists that came by. She further said that by then to be a successful female musician, a woman had to sing slow music or be affiliated to a girl group or one for men.

This is because it wasn’t easy to break through in an industry dominated by men who were at their peak by then.

She even revealed how Grace Nakimera told her of how she was punched in the stomach as he was coming from a stage performance by one of the top male singers by then.

Besides there was a lot of witchcraft by then. However the arrival of Grace Nakimera, Cindy and Chandiru was a game changer for the women.

Nakimera conquered the Afrobeats genre, Cindy the dancehall and Chandiru the RnB charts and rhe rest is history. The other female artists who came after have been able to enjoy the success because of the work done by these three artists.


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