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Women should uplift others- Spice Diana and Sheebah put an end to their beef (Watch video)


It seems like singers Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana decided to squash the beef between them after yesterday’s development.

Sheebah made a memorable appearance at Spice Diana’s EP album launch that happened at Cubana Lounge in Kampala.

The two singers who have not been seeing eye to eye due to a beef fueled by their fans hugged and complimented each other while on stage.

Spice Diana expressed her delight on Sheebah honoring the invitation she accorded her and added that she’s inspired by the former TNS singer.

“Oh my God I’m really so happy and speechless. I just can’t believe that Sheebah is here. Let me tell you guys, she’s one of my mentors and I have huge respect for her although the divisive media has always tried to create a negative impression between us,” she said.

When Sheebah took on the microphone, she expressed her admiration for Spice Diana’s hustle. Sheebah further said that this is a generation for the women and she’s glad to be one of the feminists spearheading it. Sheebah also warned the men out there that women are coming after them for their crown.

“I’m so proud and blessed that you invited me to your party. I have seen a lot of male artists and others in the house, thank you for making it to Spice Diana’s party, its her night. These are the moments that make me proud because I’m a real feminist and not a fake one.

I want to say that the future of females begins now. Male artists had created divisions among women but now we are going to unite and take over our place,” Sheebah said.

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