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Video: Gravity further attacks Spice Diana and her manager


Rapper Gravity Omutujju has come out to further attack songstress Spice Diana and her manager, Roger. This was after while appearing on Galaxy FM, he described the two as camera and attention seekers yet behind the scenes they are very bad people.

After being termed as jealous and furious at Spice Diana for probably falling out over personal reasons, Gravity has refuted this. He said that the Onsanula singer has never been his friend.

Citing the kiss they shared in the Ndi mu Love video shoot in 2018, Gravity said that he did it for her manager Roger who is his friend.

“My issue is not with Spice because she is not my friend. The kiss was just for the videoshoot and I did it for my friend Roger who is her manager. Spice has never been my friend. Roger is still my friend but I just had to speak the truth,” he said.

He also trashed the rumors that he was angry for not being invited to her EP album launch party.

“It’s not anger. I just spoke the truth, I spoke from my heart. Ask other people that have dealt with those two (Roger and Spice).

The problem with Ugandans is they don’t speak up which is not the same case with. If someone won’t beat me up, I will always speak the truth,”
Gravity Omutujju added.

He wasn’t done as he even cited some people Roger and Spice have ruined.

“Those people are only nice to the media because they want you to spread that version of them but deep inside, they are not the best. They want to be everything, they have beef with everyone even a mere driver.

Ask Fifi Da Queen, ask why Opa Fambo and Mosh Mavoko separated. That guy plays the divide and rule game. He divides everyone so that he can be the boss of them all.”


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