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Don’t bring your kiwalata back to my place (screenshots) – Leila Kayondo blasts her ex SK Mbuga

Siggy Aine 

Female musician Leila Kayondo has come out to blast her ex boyfriend SK Mbuga. Through WhatsApp status screenshots obtained by a number of websites, Leila launched an attack against Mbuga.

The singer branded the STV boss an uneducated fool that runs after every skirt speaking a foreign language.

“Mbuga! You are a such a fool. You can be attracted to any woman that speaks a foreign language . Anything you don’t understand arausses you,” Kayondo attacked her ex.

Kayondo also gave advice to all those that feel like dating the tycoon. She said that these women should speak a foreign language presumably English that he doesn’t understand. He will automatically run after them.

“Any one that wants to date Mbuga! Please speak a foreign language that he doesn’t understand or speak English! Automatically he will asume you are pretty!
That uneducated fool.”

She further warned him not to come back to her house or else she will expose him and his bald head.

“Ate mbwa toda ku kazigo kange! I will Snapchat your kiwalata while you climbing my stairs.”

The two dated years ago and broke up in 2016 with the singer accusing the tycoon of domestic violence. Its when that even her career dwindled because it was Mbuga bankrolling it. Attempts to win her back failed and he married Vivienne Jalia Birungi. Its therefore a shock that the two have been chewing each other under the carpet.

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