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Come and take my kidney and get your money you thief- Leila Kayondo blasts SK Mbuga


It seems like singer Leila Kayondo won’t relent in her attacks against her ex boyfriend SK Mbuga. She’s now told him to come and sell her kidney and get back the money he used to put in her career.

It should be noted that Mbuga oversaw the most successful part of Kayondo’s music career with songs featuring the likes of Dr Jose Chameleone and Radio and Weasel. However in her ongoing rant against the tycoon, she said that if it hurts him a lot he should come and extract her kidney and sell it to recoup his money.
Leila further said that the tycoon is not sweet in bed besides being an uneducated fool and a thief.

“He is not sweet in bed, he is foolish and uneducated. I will not stop speaking about it let him take me to court i will defend myself. If he wants back the money he spent on me, let him come and sell my kidney,” Leila said.

She also denied having been lovers with the STV owner adding that they were just friends.

“Me and SK Mbuga were never lovers, we were simply friends and we parted ways. He’s stupid, a thief and useless man. I had gotten a memory loss and when it came back, I remembered there is a fool I should burn.”

According to the Tompona singer, she doesn’t want to tolerate any more bad minded people coming close to her. If they do, she will expose them just like how she did to Mbuga.

Leila also threatened to beat up Mbuga because he fears her in case she bumps into him.

Its not yet clear on what triggered Leila to this extent since the public knew that the pair had parted ways as way back as 2016. This is after the singer accused the tycoon of domestic violence.

She this week went to her WhatsApp statuses and lambasted Mbuga who is now married to Vivienne Jalia Birungi.

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