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Death has been haunting me ever since I was born- Gospel singer Exodus


Gospel singer Exodus has come out to reveal how death has been haunting him ever since he was a kid. The Igwe singer says that death haunted him right from his father’s house.

“I grew up seeing death around me. Right from my father’s house to the streets, Death was always haunting me,” said the singer.

Further the singer said that even after joining Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Cathedral, the devil kept following him all-over.

Members of the mass choir at the church didn’t like him and they always blocked him from stepping onto the stage.

“When I joined Mircale Centre, I faced so many challenges, the devil used people to be against me. Members of the mass choir were against me and couldn’t allow me to step on stage,” he added.

The singer also addressed his recent cry at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s concert. Exodus revealed how he’s going to go around most churches in Kampala begging for forgiveness.
He said that he did this after overcoming depression. He says that he reached to a point of where he felt like ending his life.

“Coming out to apologize came aftet I overcame depression. I once got to a point where I desired to end my life because of what people were speaking about me,” he concluded.

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