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Video: Cheating wife and lover get stuck inside each other


People were treated to unpaid for drama in Eastern Uganda after a man and woman got stuck inside each other

It is said that between these two, one was a married woman and the man just a side lover. However, when they got down to chewing beans and egg plants, the unspeakable happened.

When the man tried to thrust in and out, he just couldn’t as he had gotten stuck inside. The two had to be wrapped in a white bed sheet and drove off in a pick up to a nearby traditional healer.

The two could be heard moaning in pain instead of pleasure inside the bedsheet. It was from this healer’s place that they got cured.

This is not the first time such scenarios are happening but the self styled ‘kafumisis’ don’t give a damn about these. As long as they get praised and hit it right, it’s all that matters until it happens to you.

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