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Just get sugar daddies and cure your hardships- Sheilah Gashumba advises women


There are people that would be the last for you to get advice and socialite Sheilah Gashumba seems one of those. According to the TV personality, she’s advised them to get sugar daddies to heal their suffering.

Through her Twitter page, Sheilah said that with the upcoming parties and concerts in Kampala, a woman who can’t maintain her lifestyle should get a Sponsor. This is if their job can’t address their needs.

She also added that women are just high class to maintain and if you can’t afford her, let those who can do the needful.

And Sheilah Gashumba who has been danced by many different men couldn’t provide any advice better than that. A sponsor is in simple terms someone who finances a person’s welfare in return of sexual favors and companionship at most especially entertainment gigs. In short she was advising them to wh0rish themselves.

This did not sit down well with some of her followers who told her to keep her behaviors to herself and not miselead her followers into thinking that prostitution is okay for everyone.

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