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I neither wear knickers nor bras- Doreen Kabarebe shockingly reveals


Model Doreen Kabarebe has come out to reveal that she neither wears bras nor does she put on any panties. The veteran model while appearing on Urban TV said that undergarments are really not her thing because they lead to infections and other diseases.

She also revealed how she’s a very hygienic person and yet knickers trap both dirt and heat. These are then released into the sumbie leading to infections.

She only wears them during her monthly menstrual periods and short of this, she’s always butt and sumbie naked. Kabarebe also added that the reason she doesn’t wear bras is because her boobies are firm and she doesn’t even plan on breastfeeding her children. They will therefore remain standing.

“I don’t do knickers under my outfits and bras. That is why you always get infected with endless infections.

In fact, I’m a very very clean person. You know why? I don’t get these infections. Those knickers you put on, there is a way how they hold dirt and heat gets into the private parts and cause infections.

I only do them (knickers) when I’m in menstruation periods because at that moment I always have no option but to wear them to safeguard myself.
For the bras, my breasts are still stiff. I will only think about them after giving birth because at that moment they might fall. In fact, am not even planning of breastfeeding my children.”

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