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Artists thumped by Police after cauing chaos at flopped UMA elections


Yesterday is a day some artists will want to erase from their memories after what happened to them at the National Theater. These included the likes of faded NRM singer Big Eye, Omukunja Ataseera among others.

These turned up at at the venue for the elections. This was despite the Ministry of Gender declaring that the elections wouldn’t go ahead as scheduled.

After hesitation from UMA over this decision, they reluctantly confirmed that the elections were suspended until further notice. Police was then deployed heavily as chaos was anticipated.

Big Eye was apprehended by a number of policemen who described him as the ring leader of the chaos. He was then thrown onto a waiting Police truck as a fight almost developed between him and the officers as he warned them against beating him.

Omukunja Ataseera on the other hand was showed no mercy after all as his arrest was more brutal. He pleaded and cried about how these officers were breaking his hands but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Omukunja who is vying for UMA’s secretary General was also thrown under a police van and driven off to jail.

These spent some hours behind the coolers. They only got released on Police bond after the intervention of singer Mansour Ssemanda aka King Saha who is vying for the UMA presidency against Cindy.

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